HeLa Labs Investing $100K in Alteredverse to Shape the Web3 and Metaverse Development

HeLa Labs, a modular Layer-1 solution, powered by fiat-backed stablecoin for real world adoption, has announced its investment in Alteredverse. This partnership, marked by HeLa Labs’ strategic investment of $100,000 as part of grant program, signifies in integrating advanced blockchain technology and ecosystem development with the evolving metaverse landscape.

HeLa Labs, renowned for its modular Layer-1 blockchain protocol, has contributed to the real-world adoption of blockchain technology. With features supporting builders at all levels and a focus on Web2 and Web3, the investment in Alteredverse aligns with Hela’s vision of advancing Web3 technologies in practical, user-oriented scenarios.

Alteredverse, on the other hand, is redefining the metaverse by integrating game theory, geospatial technology, and AI to create immersive, realistic virtual worlds. Their focus on enterprise solutions for various industries, including tourism and education, complements the broad applicability of Hela’s blockchain protocol.

Andy Ting, Co-founder of HeLa Labs commented “This partnership not only marks a significant investment in the future of Web3 but also demonstrates our commitment to contribute to the Web3 space. By prioritizing ecosystem growth, we’re ensuring that our efforts help cultivate an expansive Web3 space, where innovation is accessible and beneficial to a growing community.”

From Alteredverse, shared, “We are excited to partner with HeLa Labs, whose investment and blockchain expertise will enhance our ability to create a metaverse that truly bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds.”

Driven by a passion to support emerging talents and groundbreaking ideas, Hela Labs has launched a grant program aimed at empowering a network of developers and startups, especially in the blockchain domain. The grant program aims to energize both startups and decentralized applications (dApps), nurturing progress in the ecosystem. This effort is more than just a contribution to digital progress—it’s a collaborative effort to forge a future enriched with diverse, transformative digital interactions and experiences.

For more information about the project and partnership, please visit HeLa Labs’ website: https://www.helalabs.com 

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