The Rationale Behind HeLa

Partnering with A*STAR IHPC, we've developed HeLa
Layer 1, born from our commitment to conquer
the industry's challenges.

Our Vision

Leading the way to a connected world powered by blockchain technology.

Our Technology

Our architecture reflects our commitment to real-world adoption, featuring modularity, EVM compatibility, stable gas fees, and a decentralized digital identity framework. With a comprehensive asset integration layer and a robust built-in confidentiality mechanism, we are pioneering the path to a more interconnected and transformative decentralized Web3 future.

Our Development & Research Partner

Our Core Team

HeLa Chain, the stablecoin-powered Layer 1 blockchain, is the result of a collaborative effort between HeLa Labs and A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), combining IHPC's expertise in privacy-preserving modular blockchains with HeLa Lab's extensive experience in both the fintech sector and the blockchain industry.

Core Builders

Dr. Andy Ting


Kerching Choo


Kuo Wee

Head of Strategy

Core Builders (Scientists & Engineers)

Shape the future of web3 with HeLa.


We're more than just building
a game-changing protocol

At HeLa, we believe that blockchain is not just a technology, it's a movement towards the better future.
Join us on our journey to connected future for all. Together, we can make a difference.

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