Media Press Kit

Ensure consistent branding, accurate information, engaging content, and compliance with guidelines when promoting HeLa in marketing, including ads, articles, websites, and printed materials.


Our logo, a tribute to a transformative breakthrough, features intertwining curves reminiscent of DNA strands. These curves symbolize HeLa cells' boundless potential and evolution. Just as HeLa cells reshaped scientific research, our logo reflects Hela's innovation in blockchain and technology. The Exo 2 font in our wordmark adds a modern touch, underscoring our journey's futuristic essence.


Adequate space around the logomark is crucial for clarity and to prevent visual clutter with surrounding elements. Here are the minimum spacing guidelines for the logomark and wordmark.

Logo Dont’s

Here are some things you should never do with the HeLa logomark.

Don’t add shadows behind the logo

Don’t add shadows behind the logo

Don't use one color (gray/black) in the HeLa logo

Don't use only one white color in the HeLa logo

Don’t add outlines to the logo

Don’t add outlines to the logo

Don’t stretch the logo

Don’t apply logo in low resolution

Don’t use logo as a frame for imagery

Don’t place on low contrast colors

About HeLa Banner

To keep consistency across publications, HeLa branded banners always follow the same layout.


HeLa Gradient

background: linear-gradient(90deg, #12C781 0%, #63E9DA 50%, #09A9CB 100%);

Asset HeLa Logo

Asset HeLa Sublogo

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