HeLa Mainnet is NOW LIVE!

The moment that the HeLa Community has been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived: The launch of HeLa Mainnet.

Following an extensive period of anticipation, preparation, and meticulous testing, HeLa Labs is thrilled to open the doors to innovation and invite all blockchain enthusiasts, tech pioneers, and curious explorers to experience the capabilities of the HeLa blockchain firsthand. This launch marks a significant milestone in our journey, showcasing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and fostering a robust ecosystem. We are excited to see how our community will leverage the HeLa Mainnet to create, innovate, and transform the digital landscape. 

Dive into the action and start exploring mainnet tasks today: https://atlantia.helalabs.com/

Exciting Update on Rewards:

Now we will change our rewards to be HLUSD on the HeLa chain instead of USDT! Who wants their first HLUSD on HeLa chain? Be part of this new phase and start earning your rewards in HLUSD.

DApps Currently Live on Mainnet:

  • Cytoswap
  • Provident Capital
  • HeLa Bridge

DApps Coming Soon to Mainnet:

  • Stable Hodl
  • SendTokens
  • BlazPay
  • Beepo App
  • UpSwap
  • FusionwaveAI
  • Rehide
  • Codexchain

Getting Started with HeLa Bridge:

Visit HeLa Bridge: https://bridge.helachain.com/

Deposit USDC and Select Your Network: Choose either ETH, BSC, or Polygon.

Swap Your USDC: Exchange USDC for either hUSDC, hUSDT, or hBNB, depending on your chosen network.

For guidance, please watch this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BR0jTaIfw1g

Afterward join the Campaign at Atlantia:

Navigate to Atlantia Campaign: https://atlantia.helalabs.com/campaign/cytoswap, click the ‘Mainnet’ button, take the task, and start the quest.

Proceed to Cytoswap: https://app.cytoswap.com/swap

For further video instruction , Kindly visit:https://atlantia.helalabs.com/landing/40/mainnet

Here, you can swap hUSDC for HLUSD:

Complete your transaction where the fee is paid with the received token (HLUSD), not the traded token (hUSDC), utilizing the gasless feature to simplify the process.

After you have hUSDC available, click the ‘Gasless’ button to activate the function. It will then automatically deduct hUSDT/hUSDC that the user receives after a successful swap.

What’s next for HeLa?

  • Upcoming NFTs minting events: Be ready to participate in exclusive minting events.
  • Upcoming dApp tasks: Engage with newly developed decentralized applications.
  • HLUSD as the reward: Earn rewards in our native stablecoin, HLUSD.
  • Many more: Stay tuned for more exciting updates and opportunities.

Join us in this thrilling new chapter and be part of shaping the future with HeLa Labs.

Carina Caringal
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Hi, I'm Carina, and I've been captivated by the world of web3 for as long as I can remember. Ever since I first dipped my toes into this innovative technology, I've found myself drawn to exploring and understanding its infinite potential. The complexities of layer 1 solutions particularly intrigue me, as they form the foundation of decentralized networks and pave the way for a more transparent and efficient digital landscape.

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