ChainsAtlas & HeLa Labs : Exciting Strategic Partnership Ahead

Singapore is on the brink of an exciting new chapter in the world of blockchain technology. In a groundbreaking move, Hela Network, renowned for its EVM-compatible layer 1 blockchain, has entered into a strategic partnership with ChainsAtlas. This collaboration is a significant leap forward in the evolution of blockchain technology and the integration of Web3.

Introducing the Partners

Hela Network: Known for its innovative EVM-compatible layer 1 blockchain, Hela Network has been developed in collaboration with A*STAR, Singapore’s hub for innovation. Their goal is clear: to revolutionize the blockchain landscape.

ChainsAtlas: On the other side of this partnership is ChainsAtlas, a name that’s gaining traction in the coding world. Their work focuses on expanding code execution across various programming languages, effectively narrowing the divide between the traditional web (web2) and the new era of the internet (web3).

Why This Matters

The union of Hela and ChainsAtlas is more than just a business move; it’s pivotal for the future of Web3. Their focus is on empowering developers and enhancing access to the Hela ecosystem. This is crucial not just for the growth of Hela but for the broader adoption of blockchain technology as a whole.

What’s Coming Up

The partnership has a lineup of engaging and informative activities planned, including:

  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions: An opportunity to engage with the minds behind the scenes.
  • Hands-on workshops: Practical sessions to get your hands dirty in the world of blockchain.
  • Hackathons: Energetic and creative marathons that promise to be full of excitement and innovation.

These events are designed to unite enthusiasts and experts, creating a hub for learning and innovation.

Looking Ahead

This collaboration between HeLa and ChainsAtlas is just the starting point. We are poised to set new benchmarks in blockchain technology, stepping beyond traditional frameworks. The future is bright as these two entities join forces to forge groundbreaking solutions in the blockchain space. Stay connected for more updates on this exciting venture, as it unfolds in Singapore’s dynamic tech landscape.

About Chainsatlas

ChainsAtlas is a blockchain based technology company that leverages virtualization & smart contracts to create a cross-chain infrastructure, Interoperability network for distributed software and data processing.

About HeLa Labs

HeLa Labs is a dynamic team of innovative developers, engineers, and designers committed to building transformative technology that drives the adoption of Web3. Their goal is to establish a secure layer one blockchain for real-world adoption. 

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