HeLa New Ways to Earn Points

In our ongoing effort to reward your participation even more, we’ve brought in some exciting new ways for you to boost your points balance. Whether it’s through daily interactions or showcasing your creativity on social media, every action you take helps you earn points and brings our community closer together.

    • Daily Claim: Make a quick stop in the general chat every day and use the command /daily to claim 2 points. It’s an easy daily boost to your points total.
    • React with Emoji: Light up our #community event announcement channel with your reactions. Use an emoji to show your excitement and bag 1 point for your enthusiasm.
    • Engage with Us on Twitter: Your engagement on Twitter not only amplifies our community’s voice but also earns you points. Here’s how:
      • Like a Twitter Post: Tap that like button on our posts to earn 1 point for each like. It’s a simple way to show your support.
      • Retweet: Help spread our message by retweeting our posts. Each retweet earns you 2 points, making our community’s presence even stronger.
      • Comment: Dive into the conversation with a relevant comment on our Twitter posts and earn 3 points. Your insights add great value to our discussions.
    • Join Game Night: We will give 20 points to members that are in the Voice channel.
    • Join AMA: We will give 20 points to members that will attend AMA.

Rewarding Top Chat Engagers:

To further incentivize active participation in our chats, we’ll distribute points to the top 20 most engaging chat members every two days according to our statistics. The distribution will be as follows:

  • 800+ messages up: 50 points
  • 401+ messages: 20 points
  • 201-400 messages: 15 points
  • 101-200 messages : 10 points
  • 50-100 messages: 5 points

Note: To qualify as one of the top 20 winners, participants must meet the minimum number of message requirements above. Those in the top 20 who do not meet this criteria will not be eligible for the reward points.

What You Can Do with Points

The points you accumulate go beyond just a tally; they’re your key to unlocking exclusive opportunities and rewards within our community:

  • Participate in Auctions: Use your points to enter auctions for one-of-a-kind items or experiences. It’s a thrilling way to use your points for something unique.
  • Enter Raffles: With just a few points, you can enter raffles for a chance to win fantastic prizes. It’s an exciting and low-cost way to potentially earn big.

Coming Soon (MARKET PLACE)

  • Shop on the Marketplace: You’ll have the chance to use your points in our marketplace to purchase exclusive merchandise or services offered by our community.

By diversifying the ways you can earn points and providing a variety of options for using them, we aim to make your engagement with our community not only more rewarding but also more enjoyable. 

So, start earning and using your points today to fully experience all the benefits of being an active member of our vibrant community!



Points Earned

What to do with points

Daily Claim

Visit the general chat daily and use the command /daily.

2 points

  • Participate in Auctions
  • Enter Raffles
  • Shop on the Marketplace

React with Emoji

React with an emoji in our #community event announcement channel.

1 point

Engage with Us on Twitter


– Like a Twitter Post

Like our posts on Twitter.

1 point

– Retweet

Retweet our posts on Twitter.

2 points

– Comment

Leave a relevant comment on our Twitter posts.

3 points

Chat Engagers

Two days statistics of Chat 

Top 20

401+ messages: 20 points

201-400 messages: 15 points

101-200 messages : 10 points

50-100 messages: 5 points

Game Night

Join Game Night and go to QUIZ x GAME NIGHT voice channel.

20 points


Join AMA and go to the twitter space url 

20 points

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